Insight-driven training to move your company beyond stress

Is stress a significant challenge within your business and sector? Do your employees cite this as a key concern in your Pulse surveys, and do you lose valued employees to stress-related leave each year? On the flip-side, do you need to balance this challenge with the pressure to maintain competitive advantage, and to do more with less?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you're not alone. Stress is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses today. The key question that remains is are you ready to help your employees understand why stress plays out so they can move beyond it?

If so, please read on to discover how you can help your employees thrive under pressure, and get in touch if you would like to find out more.

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The challenge

According to the Mental Health Foundation, 17 million working days are lost each year to poor mental health at a cost of £2.4 billion to the UK economy. In 2017 Mind found 40% of employees took time off for their well-being, with 48% saying they have felt anxious at work on several occasions over the last month. In addition, stress inhibits productivity, creativity and decision making, meaning the impact of a high-stress culture on your business performance and bottom line can be profound. 

We live in a fast-paced, uncertain and complex world, and haven't yet up-skilled our teams to be able to handle the pace of change. Managing stress is no longer the answer. We have to help employees understand why it plays out, so they can move beyond it and thrive in the new environment.

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The solution

Each company is unique, and the culture, challenges and opportunities distinct.  I therefore tailor my training to your business and a detailed consultation at the outset ensures we establish and meet your objectives.

Drawing upon my expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence, this cutting-edge training will share the principles and thought patterns that underpin stress. Real-life workplace scenarios will then be used demonstrate how employees can move from a typical stress reaction to a proactive response in even the most high-pressure environments. The insights, principles, and tools shared will deliver behaviour change far beyond what's possible through standard stress-management programmes.

"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation."




Client testimonials are featured below, and you can download a case study from a mindfulness training series delivered within BBC Worldwide. You also can view my credentials, which includes working with some of the world's leading authorities in human potential, such as Sir Richard Branson, Sir Ken Robinson, Malcolm Gladwell and Marshall Goldsmith, as an Events Director of the London Business Forum. I am presently a performance coach and trainer with Ivy House, providing life-changing professional and personal development for the next generation of young leaders within companies such as M&S, Centrica and Aviva. If you would like to discuss how a training programme could be tailored to move your company's stress dial, please get in touch.

"Steve is a great presenter, likable, informative, knowledgeable and passionate about the subjects discussed. The masterclass gave me a great insight into Mindfulness, along with some excellent explanations of where to use it during hectic, real-life situations."

Russell Tooby, Global Head of Service Management and Support at BBC Worldwide

“This is a great introduction into mindfulness and will give you tools to help keep your mind healthy. Steve is extremely knowledgeable about mental health and mindfulness. He is relatable and delivers his sessions in a non-judgmental way” 

Vicky, Corporate Lawyer at BBC Worldwide

“The course gives you the tools to apply mindfulness on a daily basis. Steve can adjust the classes to the pace and will of the attendees, going from very basic concepts to more deep and theoretical thoughts, never losing touch with the people around him.

The classes were simple and easy to follow, yet enlightening. They will definitely have an impact on my daily life. Thank you!”

Desiree, Lawyer at BBC Worldwide

"The mindfulness training was of huge value. Thank you!”
Rasha Khawaja, CEO, Toucan Ventures

"You can't lose. It will improve the way you look at life."

Ian Watkins, Project Manager at Miller Insurance Services


Mindfulness masterclass highlights

Please find below highlights from a Modern Mindfulness masterclass. Both the content and delivery will be tailored to your company culture, challenges and objectives.