What life do you want to create?

Is the life you are currently living the one you dreamed of? Or do you know that you have so much more that you want to create, experience and contribute?

Coaching creates the space through which you can transform your life. You will leave each session with a deeper understanding of your own values and purpose, clarity on where you want to go, awareness of what is holding you back, and practical tools to unleash your full potential.

My clients have transformed their careers, set up their own businesses, overcome stress, deepened their personal relationships and rediscovered their zest for life. Where do you want to go?

I have painted a picture of my clients below to help you decide if you're in the right place. You can then view client testimonials, my credentials and personal story to help you get a sense of the impact of my work. If you decide I’m the coach you’re looking for, please get in touch  to discuss the next step.

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Where do you find yourself now?

Do any of the following statements resonate for you?

  • You've achieved relative success in the form of status, personal wealth or possessions, only to realise this doesn't lead to lasting contentment
  • Others think you're confident and accomplished, but you secretly fear that, one day,  you'll be ‘found out’
  • You struggle with negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety, anger or guilt, that don't seem to be under your control
  • Your mind often feels like your own worst enemy, and you're unable to switch off
  • You're feeling run down by the demands and pace of modern life
  • You would love to live in the moment more, but don't know how
  • You don’t know how to make big decisions in your life, and often worry you’ve taken the wrong path
  • You're currently lacking a genuine sense of purpose, meaning or fulfilment
  • You want to make a difference in the world, but don’t know what that would look like, or how to balance this with your responsibilities

If these struck a chord, you're in the right place, and are sharing the experience of each of my clients at the outset of coaching. I promise that none of these statements will play out for you following our time together, if you are ready and willing to engage. Please get in touch to explore how we might work together.

"A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write, if he has to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be."

Abraham H. Maslow

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Who do I work with?

My clients range from CEOs and middle-managers, to executives and entrepreneurs, to working and stay-at-home parents. Every situation, challenge and goal has its own fingerprint, but common to all is a determination to achieve transformation in their life or business.

One of my clients, Sarah, was suffering from severe anxiety, and panic attacks at work. She told me she'd always been an anxious person and had tried everything from therapy to Reiki healing to manage it, all to no avail. She felt she was on the verge of a full breakdown. After just three sessions together she texted to say all anxiety had dropped away, and asked whether I would recommend booking her next session now or waiting until the anxiety returned. It didn't, and we continued to work together over the following months to help Sarah move beyond all past limitations, build genuine, lasting confidence and a life that truly inspired her.

Atiq was a successful and highly paid executive in the city. He was about to get married and, from the outside, everything looked great. However, on the inside he was lacking confidence at work, had lost his sense of purpose, and was no longer enjoying life. We worked together to identify Atiq's core values, set a vision aligned with these, and changed the self-limiting beliefs that were setting him up to fail. We then focused on helping him achieve mastery at work, in combination with mindfulness, allowing Atiq to excel in his role whilst living fully in the moment. Atiq is now happily married,  has realigned his current job around his core values, and lives a fulfilling life. From the outside nothing has changed. On the inside, everything has.

My clients are courageous, even though they may not initially believe that to be true. They are willing to open their minds to the possibility they can move beyond the limitations they've experienced until now, to create a life that truly inspires them. They are on a journey, and driven by desire to find a deeper meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

Choosing the right coach is an important decision. I suggest we have an initial conversation to identify your goals and see if we are the best fit. If we decide to work together, we can then tailor a package. If you're ready to create a truly fulfilling life, please get in touch.

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Values-led living

Values-led living