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On Purpose: Five steps to finding and living your purpose

  • Deva Yoga 12 Belmont Parade, Green Lane Chislehurst BR7 6AN (map)

90-minute masterclass

“If you feel lost in life and want to find your way, Steve is the exact person you need. I feel I have all the answers now” Ekaterina

Do any of the following statements resonate for you?

  • You derive meaning from your career, but wonder what will give your life purpose when you retire

  • You're passionate about caring for your family, but are unsure what your purpose will be when your children no longer depend on you

  • Your current career path feels out of alignment with who you are, but you're unsure of how to course-correct

  • You struggle to make big decisions, and often worry you’ve taken the wrong path

  • You want to make a difference in the world, but don’t know what that would look like, or how to balance this with your responsibilities

  • You're currently lacking a genuine sense of purpose, meaning or fulfilment.

If any of these strike a chord, you're in the right place. Through this masterclass we will achieve the following outcomes together:

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There is limited availability so book now to secure your place.

Why am I opening up this masterclass?

We all have areas in which we excel; things that come naturally to us and that we love doing. It's also in our nature to want to make a difference and leave our mark. Yet many of us spend much of our lives out of alignment with our strengths and passions, with no clear understanding of our purpose. The natural outcome is a background sense of discontent; that there's more we could be experiencing and contributing.

I passionately believe life doesn't have to be this way, and therefore specialise in helping my clients find and fulfil their purpose. While the elements that constitute a purposeful and meaningful life vary for each of us, the steps to finding our own way are universal. My purpose is to help as many people as possible find their true path and lead extraordinary lives, which is why I'm sharing my knowledge through this masterclass. I promise that, following the 90-minute session, you'll gain a deep knowledge and understanding of how to identify and work towards your own purpose, and I look forward to starting this journey with you.

What we'll cover

This 90-minute masterclass will take us through the five steps to finding your purpose. You’ll also be offered additional supporting resources, plus the option of a subsequent discounted coaching session, should that be of value following the masterclass.

  • Step one: identify your values – who are you really?

  • Step two: identify your strengths – where do you excel?

  • Step three: identify your passions – what do you love to do? What energises you?

  • Step four: find your element – where do your values, strengths and passions combine?

  • Step five: find your purpose – knowing who you are and where you excel, what is your true path?

Understanding your purpose is the foundation of a meaningful life. It’s time to discover what you’re really here to do.

There is limited availability so book now to secure your place.

"I was seriously inspired by the perspective you gave on on the questions of purpose and vision" Elizabeth

Highlights and testimonials

Video footage and testimonials from the Modern Mindfulness masterclass series are included below to give you a flavour of my style and expertise.

Your investment

What value would you place on finding your purpose and living a genuinely fulfilling life? This masterclass is designed to give you the tools to do just that. In return for your investment of just £30 you will benefit from an intimate 90-minute masterclass with complementary resources, plus the option of a discounted coaching session. Your investment will pay back over a lifetime. 

Book now to benefit from:

  • A range of supporting resources to help you find your values, strengths and passions

  • A discounted coaching session (optional)