Happiness - a 90 minutes audio programme

Do you find happiness an elusive concept, often just out of reach? Do life’s demands and challenges get in the way of truly enjoying your life?

This 90-minute audio programme will show how common misconceptions of happiness set us up for failure. You will be given the blueprint of a happiness mindset and practical tools to transform your enjoyment of life.

You will learn to experience happiness as your natural state, rather than something to be obtained. In so doing, your concept of happiness will move from something elusive that needs to be pinned down, to simply a way of being in the world.

Invest now, and the MP3 audio can be downloaded instantly for your laptop, phone, tablet or iPod so that you can listen at home or on the go. You will be able to revisit the content whenever you wish, helping you to deepen the learning and transform your experience of life. 


Highlights and testimonials

An audio clip is included below, along with video footage and testimonials from the Modern Mindfulness masterclass series to give you a flavour of my style and expertise.

Your investment

What value would you place on lasting contentment? This masterclass series is designed to deliver just that. Your investment will pay back over a lifetime.

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